How To Install ulqda on CentOS 8

In this tutorial, we will discuss How To Install ulqda on CentOS 8 using dnf and yum package managers. Also, we will demonstrate how to uninstall and update ulqda as well.

One-liner Install Command

If you are only interested in the installation command, here is a quick answer for you:

sudo yum makecache && sudo yum -y install texlive-science
or if you use dnf:
sudo dnf makecache && sudo dnf -y install texlive-science

But if you are interested in the details with step-by-step instructions, the following information will be helpful.

What is ulqda and How to Install It?

First things first, you will need access to a server or computer running CentOS 8. This guide was written specifically with a server running CentOS 8 in mind, although it should also work on older, supported versions of the operating system.

Also, make sure you are running a regular, non-root user with sudo privileges configured on your server. When you have an account available, log in as your non-root user to begin.

There are several ways to install ulqda on CentOS 8. You can use (links are clickable):

In the following sections, we will describe each method in detail. You can choose one of them or refer to the recommended one.

Install ulqda on CentOS 8 using dnf

First, update dnf packages database with dnf by running the next command:

sudo dnf makecache --refresh

After updating database, You can install ulqda using dnf by running the following command:

sudo dnf -y install texlive-science

Install ulqda on CentOS 8 using yum

Because ulqda is available in CentOS 8’s default repositories, it is possible to install it from these repositories using the yum packaging system.

To begin, update local packages database with yum using the following command.

sudo yum makecache --refresh

Now can install ulqda package on your server/computer by running the following command:

sudo yum -y install texlive-science

How to upgrade (update) a single package ulqda using yum?

To update all the packages available on the system:

yum update

If you want to update a specific package like ulqda in this example you should use the following command:

yum update texlive-science

To downgrade a package to an earlier version:

yum downgrade texlive-science

How to Upgrade ulqda on CentOS 8 with dnf?

When you run the dnf update, all system packages with available updates are updated. However, if you want to upgrade a single package, then you would have to pass the package name as the argument to the dnf update command.

dnf update texlive-science

How To remove ulqda from CentOS 8

To uninstall only the ulqda package you can execute the following command:

sudo dnf remove texlive-science

Extra info and code examples

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You now have a full guide on how to install ulqda using dnf and yum package managers. Also, we showed how to update manually as a single package and different ways to uninstall the ulqda from CentOS 8.

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